The heart and soul of HatzolAir is making people happy through aviation. After tragedy strikes a family the void is perpetual, yet through trips made by the incredible HatzolAir teams, the smiles are slowly able to be relearned.


For over 50 years Hatzalah, has saved thousands of lives. Founded in Brooklyn, NY and has since grown into the largest Volunteer EMS organization in North America with divisions in major cities around the world.


Over the last two decades Hatzolah members have responded to major catastrophic events around the world to begin immediate relief work.

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Founders of Hatzolah Air have been doing dream flights for over two decades. The Heart and Soul of HatzolAir is to enhance people’s lives through aviation.

When a patient is suffering from a terminal or debilitating disease, the sky is the limit when it comes to putting a smile on a child’s face.

While the challenges of flying a terminally-ill child on hospice are significant, our staff and volunteer network are dedicated to ensure the final days or weeks of the patient are marked by a dream experience for the child, the entire family and its support system.

Hatzolah Air soars to incredible heights for these special children and while the cost to do so may be considered excessively some, Hatzolah Air considers the trips priceless.