Medical Transports

Emergencies happen when we least expect them.  Actually, we almost never prepared for them to happen and the emergency is that much more challenging when it occurs away from home or away from needed quality medical care.  Hatzolah’s aircraft is equiped with FAA approved equipment, including an onboard patient stretcher, oxygen and Advance Life Support medical equipment.

Hatzolah Air Partners With Philips Medical

Hatzolah Air together with Philips Medical have been conducting clinical trials for Philips’ Tempus Pro, the latest Advanced Life Support patient monitoring devices and its cloud based patient monitoring platform.

The pioneering trials have allowed for critical feedback and guildence to prepare the equipment and software for general use in emergency medical settings, while going through the FDA approval process.

Critical Care Air Transports

Our team of medical professionals in many specialties to treat your loved ones with the dedicated and professional care that Hatzolah patients have come to rely on for years.

What makes us different from the other Hatzolah branches is our transport times can be hours not minutes, our destinations hundreds or even thousands of miles away and our time commitment per call many times as long as a local Hatzolah call.

For many Medical Missions HatzolAir will coordinate and utilize commercial air ambulance companies for a variety of reasons. We will help you and work with you coordinating all steps of the transport even when a commercial air ambulance company does the flight.

HatzolAir has a built a vast network of for-profit air ambulance operators that it has relationships with around the world and will send its own dedicated air ambulance aircraft for specific air ambulance flights.

Medical Team

Hatzolah Air Medical flights are approved by our Medical Directors along with the patient’s Physician.  Flights are staffed by Hatzolah Volunteer Doctors and Paramedics. 

Aviation team

Our Pilots are FAA Commercial Pilots with thousands of hours of flying  in our aircraft.  Some of our pilots may have even flown you or your family before on major airlines.

Logistics Team

Our Dispatchers and Aviation Team is constantly making arrangements and monitoring flights while providing information and support to our teams in the air and families on the ground.